Since I am an organization expert, I have created a systematic process of design over my years in the industry that serves me well. All projects begin with a conversation. I ask a lot of questions so I can learn about you. The best designs represent the homeowner. It’s easy to “make pretty.” But for your home design to work best I have to learn about you. There is no such thing as over-sharing. Each little thing helps me create the best overall design for you. I want your input and feedback throughout our design process together.

step one

Exploratory Call

Conducted over the phone or on a video call, the complimentary exploratory call is where we start to get to know you. We introduce ourselves and learn about your project. We’ll also discuss your budget. Emails can’t convey meaning as well as a personal chat. It’s the first step in working together. Taking the time for an exploratory call enables Bedeckers to come prepared for the initial design consultation or organization appointment.

step two

Initial Design Consultation

This is our first appointment and unless it’s a new build or you are some distance away, we meet in your space. Our design process is collaborative. To create interiors that are perfect for you, we need your feedback. We request all decision-makers be present for our consultations. During this initial consultation we get to business. We’ll ask a lot of questions and do more listening than talking. We’ll walk through your entire space, even rooms that won’t be changed, to get a feel for the layout and how rooms work together. We’ll talk about how each room functions, or doesn’t. We’ll focus on your goals for the finished design. Working photos and measurements are taken. We’ll look at paint colors and fabrics and furniture styles. If you have blueprints or you’ve created a clip file or Pinterest boards with ideas, we will go over these together. For simple projects, it’s possible things can be purchased during our initial consultation.

After the appointment, Bedeckers types up notes and sends you a room-by-room list of the things we talked about complete with color selections and resources as applicable. If your project is more intensive, we may hold samples until the design appointment.

step three

Design Appointments

For larger scale projects, design time is contracted as a flat fee by room or by the scope of the project. This fee does not include the purchase of any furnishings, materials, or accessories. It covers our design creation and time. Bedeckers will research and design off-site. Then we will meet in your space to go over design schemes created for you, narrow choices and then make the final selections.

Once you’ve finalized design selections, the project begins. Contracts are signed and the down-payment is placed. Bedeckers Interiors accepts checks, cash, credit cards, and PayPal. 

step four

Then the Magic Happens

We begin all the work for you behind the scenes implementing the design, procuring components, and providing off-premises receipt of furnishings and accessories. When things are complete, we schedule your installations. Bedeckers returns with our team to direct everything and add the finishing touches. Final payment is due on installation day.


Since we make pretty things, we love to have pictures to share. Before and After photos tell the story and help us acquire new clients. With your permission, we will bring a photographer to take photos of your finished spaces. We take care to protect your privacy and never share personal details.


Does Bedeckers Interiors sell furniture?

Absolutely! By offering products for sale, we are able to remain profitable and in business to continue to serve you. By purchasing from us you are supporting local business and keeping the lights on. We have established relationships with many manufacturers, this means we are often able to offer better prices than you would find on your own shopping retail. We are also able to provide better quality than you can find. Our custom upholstered furniture is made in the USA in Virginia and North Carolina. We try our best to source many items locally and sustainably.

What if I just want ideas and will buy things myself?

Bedeckers Interiors is happy to work on a consultation basis for clients who are more hands-on and have the time to do the leg-work and handle ordering and deal with procurement issues themselves. We will suggest what you need to implement the design on your own. Just let us know this is your plan during our exploratory call.

What if I just need paint colors?

Bedeckers Interiors offers color-only consultations. Once paint colors are selected, sample sheets are mailed to you. There are peel-and-stick color sheets available for purchase. A detailed paint specification sheet is created for your project that you can share with your painter.

Does Bedeckers do “the big reveal” like I’ve seen on TV?

It’s rare that every single thing is ready at the same time. Most of our clients prefer to get things as they come in and not hold the project while waiting on a backordered item. We do our best to bundle installations. If a big reveal is important to you, let us know. We’ll make it happen.

What happens when things go wrong?

In interior design, like life, nothing goes off without a glitch. Things pop up with supply chain issues, freight damage or loss, flaws or dye-lot issues, and scheduling delays. Bedeckers does our best to handle and resolve the problems that pop up behind the scenes without bothering you. Most of the time, you’ll never know; we take care of it and make it right. That’s what you are paying us to do. If there is an issue that creates a design-change, we will reach out to you as soon as possible with viable options.

How long will MY project take?

Unfortunately, the answer is “it depends.” If you are doing something simple like blinds or shades, a couple of weeks is normal. Custom furnishings and window treatments take a couple of months. If you are doing a whole room, plan for 4-6 months or more from concept to completion. More complex renovations can extend the timeline. Bedeckers Interiors tries to keep you updated so you’ll know where we are in the process. With the turmoil caused by COVID 19, supply chains have been impacted so projects are taking much longer than normal.

How much will My project cost?

Unfortunately, again the answer is “it depends.” Our interior design is custom. There are design fees and then the purchase price of furnishings and materials. Pricing can vary dramatically depending on what items you choose. During our exploratory call, we will talk about costs and help you establish a reasonable budget. If you are completing a room from the floor up, expect to pay $25,000 - $30,000. All purchased items are contracted with you. We work hard to provide all the costs upfront. We don’t like hidden surprises where money is involved and figure you don’t either.

Does Bedeckers accept referrals?

Referrals are our bread and butter. If you enjoy working with us, your referral is the best compliment we can hope to receive. If you know a friend or family member who needs help with their home or office, have him or her give us a call. Bedeckers Interiors rewards referrals with a $25 gift card as our way of showing sincere appreciation. Please keep the referrals coming!